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Matungu St Joseph Indangalasia Secondary Losses Millions Of Property In

Three days after Mukumu boys dormitory burning up , learning exercise has been brought into a stand still at St Joseph Indangalasia secondary school located in Matungu constituency, Kakamega county after a huge fire whose cause is on investigation by the office of DCI cascading down the school boy’s dormitory.

While speaking to the Opera news hub journalist,wilfred were the school principal explained that fifty six boys lost their property during the incident and thereby calling upon the office of the DCI of Matungu to hasten up with the investigation process.

“It was 5am when abruptly we saw a cloud of smoke congested into one of the dorms and before a few minutes could elapse it had spread allover and their by failing to put it off”,said M.r Wilfred Were.

He’s now blaming the rescue team in Matungu sub county for their snail walking style reaching the ground ,stating it as the main reason why many of the students’ property burnt completely.

“We are asking the Kakamega county offices of disaster management in to allocate fire extinguishing offices in every ward of each sub county as one of the safety measures that will help in solving fire eruption problems that have become common in the county”,added St Joseph Indangalasia school principal to Opera news hub.

Similarly, he’s now claiming to be working in problematic environment including lack of electricity to enable learners to continue their academic smoothly.

“It’s now one week old since the transformer that supplied electricty to the school developing serious damages of which since upto now no signs of replacement have noted.It has forced us to use solar panel which a times fail to produce enough light due to adverse weather cobndition”,St Joseph Indangalasia School principal told Opera news hub.

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