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Guess Who’s back

After a long hiatus, I am happy to announce that I am back! Doing what I do best; weaving words together to entertain and keep you informed.

Isurusi is back-the wordmaster, king of Ingo, the protector of the Wanga kingdom, First of his name.
After a long hiatus, am happy to announce that am back, back to doing what I do best-weaving words together to entertain and inform you.

Before the Chinese hackers attacked our base and overrun us, we were progressing well and the community had grown in leaps and bounds.

Then the global health pandemic happened, the coronavirus caused massive deaths and disrupted normal lives as we were used to. Zoom was the sound made by Subaru cars, little did we know it was the latest technology that could bring us together through virtual meet-ups. We thank the almighty God for protecting you and making sure we have a story to tell our grandkids. stories of how we survived a near-death pandemic, how we had to suspend our normal lives to save ourselves and the world from the corona armageddon. Schools, churches, companies, governments, economies were shut down. More than 3 million lives were lost due to the virus that was suspected to have originated in Wuhan city in China.

All in all, generally, we should always thank God for good health and life, cause nobody is immortal.
Isurusi is back to informing, educating, and entertaining you on this platform. I want to thank the entire team at KAKAMEGA411, for weathering the storm and emerging much stronger. Count on the team to make sure you are informed, entertained, and educated.

The team has fresh new products that will be launching in due course, to make sure that our readers are well informed and entertained. Feel free to like, follow and share our social media pages for quick updates. Reach out to the team and let us engage. 

God bless!!


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