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Fresh Scandal As Rogue Officials Dish Out Kenya Power Tokens

Kenya Power has been making losses of millions of money per week over years not knowing the course of the loss. After a narrow research, reportedly the reports shows that rogue leaders have been in the touch line of dishing out Kenya Power tokens 8 times their value .

Fresh scandal at the strapped company raises concern that Kenya Power could be been losing millions of money over a week. This touches the soul of a common mwananchi as they busy themselves to struggle and raise funds to pay for tokens at home while able unscrupulous leaders being generated tokens for a song by Kenya Power. Allegedly all the loss arising is due to the reckless Kenya Power officials who illegally generate tokens for a song to the villain leaders. Since the swearing in 2013 officials, there has been several scandal towards the company losing a rump some of money in the hands of officials.

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